Karr Metrology Instruments was founded in 1986 by Diana Karr to provide gauging (gaging) and inspection equipment to Manufacturers and Quality Departments.  As a Metrology Instrument Distributor we offer a comprehensive product line as well as expert repair and calibration services.  If a standard gauge won’t suffice, we can provide custom design based on your application.

With the demanding manufacturing environment, we understand that a prompt response is crucial.  To increase your competitive advantage, Karr Metrology Instruments not only provides precision measuring instruments from leading brand manufacturers, but also serves as a partner to each of our customers in pursuit of the most accurate solution.

At Karr Metrology Instruments, we measure our performance by our customer’s satisfaction.  With over 24 years of industry experience, our knowledgeable staff and diversified offerings provide our customer with unrivaled resources.  Whether you need an expedited delivery, a one-time economical solution, or technical information, Karr Metrology Instruments Inc. is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.  We thank our customers for their business and their continued confidence in KMI.